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Maintenant diplomée en Master 2 professionnel Arts et Technologies de l’Image Virtuelle à l’Université Paris 8 (2017 – 2018), je suis actuellement Grooming Artist chez Mill Film (Montréal) sur une production qui n’est pas encore annoncée. Je suis ouverte à de nouvelles opportunités partout dans le monde.

I’m gratuated of a Master Degree of Arts « Arts et Technologie de L’image Virtuelle »,  I’m now currently working as a Grooming Artist at Mill Film (Montreal) for a unannounced production. I’m always open for new opportunities in France or overseas.

You can check my demo reel here

I’m also author of the thesis The use of Fur on CGI (French only)

On my thesis, I talk about animal fur and its evolution on computer graphics (CG). I talk about the use of fur in Contemporary Art then I talk about animatronics which represents animals on movies. I explain the reason why there are more furry creatures created on CG than on animatronics nowadays and what was the major progresses of the fur on computer rendering. I explain the workflow of a animated creature on CG in production by creating a creature from the modelling to the grooming but also the look-development. I chose to use Yeti plug-in for the groom part. Yeti is a polyvalent tool which is very convenient since it included a nodal system which allows us to to do some visuals effects. I present its pros and cons during my experimentations. I also explain how to prepare the fur to make it follow the creature’s movements and how to optimize the rendering part. Finally, I experimented some visuals effects that we can add to the fur.

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