Personal work. Softs: Zbrush, Maya, Yeti 2, Arnold, 3DCoat Yeti: Groom + Instance node (HQ resolution: right click on the pic

Lemming Furby

My work on Lemming « Furby » for one episode of Grizzy & The Lemmings Soft: Yeti  

Pipas & Douglas

My work for one episode of Pipas&Douglas serie. Task: Groom, Shading of fur (it’s different from the final render th


Softs: Yeti 2 (groom & dynamics), Arnold 4, 3DCcoat  

Knight (Cinematic project) – Work in progress

A knight I modeled for a cinematic movie project with my classmates. I’m in charge of the knight from the concept to th

Demo Reel 2016/2017


A game made in three weeks for a student project with Maelys Jusseaux and Juliette Schmitt. The theme was « Artific


I rigged it so as I can animate it in IK, FK or/and Dynamic. Based on Piper Thibodeau’s Artwork Software: Maya, 3DCoat

Low poly environments for the exhibition « Glitched » (Derby -UK)

Some low poly environments for an Augmented Reality application builded on Unity3D during my internship. This application was


A render image of my Heartree created with my python script. I modeled the tree trunk and the soil dome, adding spheres on it.


A student game project which mix Augmented reality and Virtual Reality co-created with Julien Costard, Clémentine Le Guilloux

Animation chainee ATI 2015/2016

A one week animation project with my classmates Maelys Jusseaux and Xavier De l’Hermuzière. We had to create a ten seco

Paper Journey

An one week student project with Camille Chenin, Chloe Leroux and Huang Yu-Wen. The theme was « Perception &ra

Sweet Space Trip

A small game project for fun. It was supposed to be a rolling-ball game project with a friend but it as been cancelled so I u

PewPew Mout-Mout

My first personal game project that I made on Unity3D on 2015. I basically learn how to model, texture and animate and Unity3D

Moguri & Slime

Based on Kyoung Hwan Kim’s concept art Software: Maya, 3DCoat


Personal project « Catppucino » Software: 3dsMax, Photoshop  

Animation exercices


Protégé : Cheveux/poil du point de vue physique / Etat de l’art rendu fur / Etat Art Plastiques

Il n’y pas d’extrait, car cet article est protégé.

Protégé : Etat de l’art, Plastiques, des animatronics à la CG / DigiDouble/Likeness

Il n’y pas d’extrait, car cet article est protégé.