A game made in three weeks for a student project with Maelys Jusseaux and Juliette Schmitt. The theme was « Artificial life ».

During these three weeks, we (Juliette Schmitt, Maelys Jusseaux and I) join the workshop « @Nimat » to create electronic animals with Arduino. We had one week to create our animal and two weeks to include it to a game project. Our goal was to give life to our electronics animals in real life with our game project on PC. It was possible with the wi-fi communication between an arduino nano card and Unity3D. The game is a point&click on which the player discovers a new place. He has to find out how to give life to a butterfly.

I was in charge for most of the environment. Software used: Maya, Quixel




The butterfly was made with an arduino nano card by Calypso Legrand and me.


My classmates on the game project made a jellyfish and a bird but we did not have enough time to add those in the game though.


A video of our butterfly at the end of the workshop:


The final version of the butterfly for the game project  (it makes sounds !) :

At the end, the butterfly was put on a glass bowl were all the electronics was hidden by the moss !

(Credit photos: Calypso Legrand)