A student game project which mix Augmented reality and Virtual Reality co-created with Julien Costard, Clémentine Le Guilloux and Maelys Jusseaux. A collaborative game where one player wears a VR headset and the other one hold cards with trackers. The player with the headset can see what happens to the fat rabbit which is sick. He also gets somes clues on the headset to heal the bunny but only the player with card can guess what the rabbit needs and give the right cards to the one with headset.

I modeled and textured somes assets:

The Carrot House:

When the Carrot House give you an item, you need to help the lemming get the item from the house to the rabbit.

Lemming on the run:

When the house give you an item, you need to help the lemming to get the item from the carrot house to the rabbit.

The Villain WindMill:

This WindMill spits out some items which can hurt the rabbit.


And the fat bunny modeled by my classmate Clementine: